Carmel, IN Train Wreck, Jan 1890

A Railroad Holocaust.

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 27. -- The passenger train on the Monon route, which left Chicago Sunday night at 11 o'clock, was wrecked at 7:50 this morning one mile above Carmel. The tender jumped the track. The engineer reversed the engine but, before the air brakes could stop the train, the locomotive and baggage car cleared the trestle. The sleeper and smoking coach went over into the creek, both taking fire almost immediately and being consumed in a remarkably short time.

The killed are seven in number:
MRS. ENBANK, Brood Ripple, Indiana; burned.
TWO CHILDREN of D. S. OLDHAM, Sheridan, Indiana; burned.
An UNKNOWN MAN who died soon after being rescued.
MRS. LIZZIE FITZPATRICK, of Indianapolis; missing, and is supposed to have been burned.

The injured are:
M. E. INGALLS, president of the Big Four line; injured about the head and arms.
Engineer SCHOPE, of Indianapolis; seriously hurt.
JULIUS PEARSON, of Sheridan, Indiana; seriously hurt.
A. L. CLARK, of Westfield, Indiana; commercial traveler, cut on the forehead.
Express Messenger MUNGER; badly hurt.

Those who escaped uninjured busied themselves in taking the dead and injured from the wreck, but, before this could be accomplished, the heat of the burning cars became so intense that they had to withdraw.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1890-02-01