Locust Grove, IN Train Wreck, Jul 1902


RICHMOND, Ind., July 5. – There was a disastrous wreck on the Cincinnati, Richmond & Muncie railroad at Locust Grove, a few miles south of here, last evening. An excursion train carrying Lutherans to a picnic collided with a freight train. The dead:

AUGUST KAMP, JR., a passenger on the excursion train, caught and fatally crushed, dying in twenty minutes.

The injured:

CHARLES WETHYMER, a passenger, one arm broken and cut and bruised.

Two or three others were slightly hurt. Kamp was 37 years old and employed at the Starr piano works. His wife and son were on the train with him. He was standing on the platform when the crash came. The property loss is considerable. Both engines were damaged. One passenger coach was telescoped and the freight engine and three freight cars caught fire. The cars were loaded with wheat. The wreck was due to failure to observe orders. The fault is said to lie with the freight crew.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 5 Jul 1902