Vincennes, IN Train Wreck, Jan 1910


Passenger Train in Smash a Short Distance from Vincennes.

Vinvennes [sic], Ind., Jan. 12. - The south bound train on the Vandalia railroad was wrecked this afternoon three miles north of this city and many persons injured; none, it is believed fatally. One of the trucks of the tender of the engine broke down as the train left the track, but safely crossed the trestle. Four hundred feet farther on all the coaches left the track and rolled down the bank. The smoking car and the day coach were telescoped. A relief train made up here was sent to the wreck and the injured were brought to this city. The more seriously hurt are as follows:

T.L. LEWIS, Vincennes, body bruised.
W.T. ALLEN, Sandborn, back wrenched.
E.P. WADE, Louisville, body bruised.
C. LOUDERMILK, Vincennes, internally injured.
O.F. EDWARDS, Bicknell, internally injured.
WILLIAM MEGEE, Westphalia, internally injured
BERT WOODALL, Vincennes, head cut.
R.P. MILLER, Arkansas City, Ark., body bruised.
CHARLES HOZEL, Bicknell, head cut.
D. HORNERBURG, Westphalia, body bruised.
BRUCE HILL and MRS. DON HILL, Bruceville, bruised.
LENA HARTER, Washington, bruised.
IDA BLICE, Oaktown, back hurt.
ELIZA COPPER, Sandborn, ribs broken.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 19 Jan 1910