Waterloo, IN Train Wreck, Mar 1917

Waterloo, IN Train Wreck, photo from familyoldphotos.com



Fast Train on Lake Shore Main Line Figures in Wreck Near Waterloo This Morning.
TOLEDO, O., March 21.---Engineer Storer, of Toledo, was killed and Fireman Moulton, also of Toledo, was injured when westbound New York Central passenger train No. 19, ran into thirteen derailed freight cars two miles east of Waterloo, Ind., at 11:50 today.

(Special to the News.)
WATERLOO, Ind., March 21.---A fast east bound through passenger train on the Lake Shore air line crashed into a derailed freight train a short distance east of Waterloo shortly before the noon hour, killing the engineer, fatally injuring the fireman and inflicting injuries on a half score of passengers.

The dead:
ENGINEER STORER, of Toledo, instantly killed.

The injured:
CHARLES MOULTON, Toledo, fireman, dying at Garrett hospital.
ALFRED STRACK, traveling man, Chicago, will live.
MR. ARTHUR SISHEL, Atwood, S.D., will live.
MRS. H. M. MOSSATT, San Francisco, condition critical.
H. A. VALENTINE, San Francisco, seriously hurt.
DR. F. E. DRAKE, Norway, Maine, will recover.
CONDUCTOR CALVIN SUMMITT was in charge of the wrecked passenger train.

Four of the coaches were derailed by the impact of the collision sliding off their trucks, but remaining right side up. One of the steel cars was thrown sixty feet from the tracks, but did not overturn and none of the passengers riding in it was injured beyond painful bruises, due to being thrown violently against the sides of the car or to the floor.

The freight had been derailed but a few minutes when the passenger train crashed into it before flagmen sent out to stop the fast train could signal it.

The injured engineer and passengers were rushed aboard a special interurban car into Garrett to the Sacred Heart hospital, where Lolten’s death is certain.

The Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne IN, 21 Mar 1917