Wylies Station, IN Train Wreck, Sept 1913


St. Louis Flier Derailed Near Dayton, O.

Dayton, O., Sept. 10. -- Train No. 51 - known as the St. Louis flier, on the Pennsylvania system, was derailed near Richmond, Ind.

The accident occurred while the train was running at a high rate of speed. Four cars were overturned.

Immediately following the wreck there was no telegraphic communication with Wylies station, where the wreck occurred, but the Pennsylvania railroad quickly sent a special train to the scene in order that a wire service might be established.

The Pennsylvania Railroad company was advised that no passengers were injured seriously in the wreck of the St. Louis flier at Wylies station, Ind.

A sixty foot steel stand bridge was knocked down, and it will take a day to make the necessary repairs.

The observation car was the first to leave the tracks.

Reports say that from thirty-five to forty persons were injured. Physicians were hurried to the scene.

Clearfield Progress Pennsylvania 1913-09-10