Various Towns, KS, MO, IA Earthquake, Apr 1867


Chicago, April 25.
The Tribune has the following special:

Lawrence, Kan., April 24.
A severe shock of earthquake was felt here about 3 o'clock today. It was felt all over the city and was accompanied by a low, rumbling noise. In private houses dishes were shaken so as to produce a rattling noise. The kettles on the stoves were made to rattle. The larger brick business houses were shaken so as to crack the plastering and cause it to fall from the walls of newly constructed buildings. The people rushed from their houses, and the streets were immediately filled with excited crowds. The shock was felt at Junction City, Topeka, Wyandotte and Leavenworth in this state and St. Joe in Missouri, accompanied by the same phenomena, though, perhaps the shock was more intense in the western part of the state (especially at Junction City) than at this place.

Des Moines, April 24.
A slight shock of an earthquake was felt here this afternoon at twenty minutes to three o'clock, and was plainly noticed by persons in several of the brick blocks, which trembled very perceptaby with its mighty rocking to and fro.
The whole thing lasted but about four seconds.

Dubuque Daily Herald Iowa 1967-04-26