Glendale, IA Train Collision, Oct 1889



Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 29. -- Passenger train No. 4 on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad collided last night near Glendale with a west-bound freight train. The accident occurred within five miles of Council Bluffs at 10:15 o'clock. The engine and the express, baggage, and smoker were burned. JAMES PULLEN, the engineer on the passenger train, was killed, and an Italian named ANSOL GILLOT was burned in the wreck.
J. OPEY, traveling engineer of the Milwaukee Road; S. F. STUART, express messenger; JAMES RYAN, and GRENNIO COSCHGNANO were slightly injured.
The engineer and fireman on the freight train and the fireman on the passenger jumped before the trains came together and escaped with a few bruises.
The Milwaukee passenger train, left Council Bluffs five minutes late, with orders to meet the freight train at Glenn Park switch. The conductor passed the orders to Engineer PULLEN, who seemed to read them understandingly.
The Rock Island train (No. 6) left on time and the two trains ran along together at the regular schedule time. The passengers of both trains, where the tracks were parallel, enjoyed the seeming race.
After passing Glendale switch a mile the passengers of the Rock Island saw the flash of a headlight in front of the Milwaukee engine and almost simultaneously a crash, the hissing of steam, and a huge pile of cars and debris, which had caught fire and was in flames before the Rock Island had stopped and returned to tender assistance.
Engineer PULLEN'S fireman states that they saw the headlight of the freight train at the same instant, and he asked PULLEN why he did not stop at Glendale. Both jumped, and the next instant the trains came together. Assistance arrived from Council Bluffs promptly and the wounded were cared for.
Following is a list of the injured:
Baggageman JOHN WILLIAMS of the Milwaukee.
Express Messenger STUART of the Milwaukee.
D. R. and MRS. H. C. KEMPER, Wapakoneta.
MRS. SARAH WHITE, Fayette, Mo.
MRS. SARAH P. FARLEY, Oxford Junction, Iowa.
M. GLENN, Oxford Junction.
GEORGE WAVILLE, Waukesha, Wis.
MISS EMMA HOWLAND, Monticello, Iowa.
MISS MARY ANN YOUSE, Monticello, Iowa.
SAMUEL YOUSE, Monticello, Iowa.
JOHN PETERSON, Manilla, Iowa.
PEITRO FALVO, Jersey Shore, Penn.
GIUSEPPI MORETTI, Jersey Shore, Penn.
ANTONIO SASE, Jersey Shore, Penn.
J. B. KRESS, Jersey Shore, Penn.
The blame for the catastrophe is thrown upon PULLEN. It is said he left Council Bluffs in a drunken condition and refused to obey an order to stop at a way station until the freight train arrived and determined to win a twenty-mile race with the Rock Island flier. The tracks of these two roads parallel each other about that distance.

New York Times New York 1889-10-30