Iowa Falls, IA Business Section Fire, July 1874



Chicago, July 15. -- The fire at Iowa Falls, Iowa, last night, destroyed forty-five buildings, and involved a loss of $150,000. Insurance small.

Dubuque, Iowa, July 14. --A special dispatch announces a disastrous fire in Iowa Falls, a thriving city on the Iowa division of the Ilinois Central Railroad, 144 miles west of Dubuque. The particulars are briefly as follows:
A fire broke out in a meat market this afternoon at 3 o'clock, completely destroyed the business portion of the town. The wind blowing a gale at the time from the south, all efforts to stop the fire was unavailing. The following in a partial list of the principal buildings burned:
W. E. Nichols, agricultural implements; loss $15,000; insurance $5,000.
C. C. Hardware, loss $8,000; insurance $4,000.
Wilde & Bliss, dry goods. Loss $20,000; insurance $5,000.
J. Biggs, drugs, loss $8,000; insurance $1,000.
Foster & Hoag, loss $3,000; insurance $1,500.
VanBuskirk & Arnold, loss $6,000; no insurance.
R. J. O. McGowan, loss $5,000; no insurance.
Strother & Eliot, grocers, loss $5,000; no insurance.
Weldon & Sons, grocers and post-office; loss $7,000; no insurance.
Jones' Hotel, loss $2,000; no insurance.
S. Stevens, loss $5,000; no insurance.
Miller & Ellsworth, loss $3,500; no insurance.
P. J. Cowan, agricultural implements; loss $8,000; insurance $2,000.
Ellis' building, loss $1,500; no insurance.
Nichols & Knapp, wagon shop, loss $2,000; no insurance.
Nelson & Co., loss $4,500; no insurance.
T. G. Wisner, bank, loss $4,000; no insurance.
Irvine's harness shop, loss $1,000; no insurance.
Smith & Hutler, grocery, loss $6,000; no insurance.
The total number of buildings consumed is 45. Total loss $180,000. The full insurance is not yet ascertained, but is small in comparison.
The fire is now under control, and we do not anticipate any more danger.
WM. WELDON was severely injured, and several other citizens prostrated by the heat and their exertions to stay the fire.

Semi-Weekly Wisconsin Milwaukee 1874-07-18