Garrison, IA Head-On Train Collision, Apr 1910



Thirty-Two People Hurt -- Train Crew Jumps To Save Lives -- Many Similar Sight To Gladbrook Horror.

Vinton, April 11 -- Westbound Rock Island freight No. 89 ran head on into an east bound passenger six miles west of Vinton, just outside of Garrison, at 8:18 Monday morning. Thirty-two people were injured, four very seriously and two will probably die as a result of their injuries. Nearly every passenger in the coach of the passenger train was more or less hurt.
Only One Coach In Train.
The passenger train consisted of a small engine and one day coach, which had taken the place of the motor car that runs between Vinton and Iowa Falls. The passenger was just leaving the yards at Garrison and while rounding a sharp curve met the freight coming into town. The trainmen had no time to stop the trains as both were running at least twenty-five miles an hour. The small engine of the passenger was reduced to a scrap heap and the coach was badly demolished. The large engine of the freight remained on the track and is not greatly damaged. Several freight cars immediately behind were demolished.
Highway For Hospital.
As soon as possible after the crash the uninjured trainmen and passengers assisted in carrying the wounded from the debris and a special train from Cedar Rapids was soon upon the ground. A relief engine and caboose was made up at Vinton and with every doctor from the city on board hastened to the scene of the disaster. The highway on both sides of the track where the wreck occurred was converted into a field hospital for the temporary care of the injured. The scene was a terrible one, although none of the victims were dead, and resembled in many ways the awful wreck of three weeks ago at Green Mountain.
Dying At His Doorway.
WILL LaHUE of Garrison whose injuries were the most serious was reported dying at 1:00 o'clock. His back was broken. LaHUE had just boarded the train and was coming to Vinton. The wreck occurred just adjoining his home and he was carried there immediately after the accident.
Passenger Crew Blamed.
It is stated that the cause of the wreck was owing to the fact that the east bound passenger trainmen ignored or failed to see the signal bung out at Garrison and that the freight train had seven minutes time in which to clear for the passenger.
The Injured.
WILLIAM LaHUE of Garrison, hurt about the back and internally; he may die.
RUTH IRWIN of Garrison, ankle broken.
NANCY LADD of Traer, ankle broken.
D. B. MISNER of Minneapolis, hurt about the back.
MRS. WILLILAM LaHUE of Garrison, slightly bruised.
CHESTER LaHUE of Garrison, bruised.
F. N. LYMAN, of Iowa Falls, conductor, leg broken.
Conductor J. S. WOLFE, Cedar Rapids, head hurt slightly.
Engineer SAWYER, head badly cut and bruises.
Fireman COLLETON, arm broken and bruises.
Brakeman DOUGLASS, arm bruised.
MERLO BURRIS, Garrison, slight bruises.
MABEL GROFF, Garrison, slight bruises.
RUTH CRAEGER, Garrison, lip cut.
FRED RODESKERN, Traer, left leg bruised.
GLEN CENKLE, Garrison, nose broken.
C. M. HOWARD, Traer, left leg hurt.
F. J. LYNCH, Vinton, hurt on head.
GUY WALLACE, Vinton, hurt on head.
GLEN BOLLENBAUGH, Vinton, hurt in side.
J. J. SNITZER, Colesburg, foot hurt.
R. J. PETERS, Wellsburg, hurt on head, left arm bruised.
F. D. SUTTON, Dysart, badly shocked.
WILLIAM LAPHOM, Dysart, cut in face.
MRS. J. L. BROWN, Delphus, Kan., slight bruises.
Two Italian workmen, names not known, slightly hurt.
Several others slightly injured.

The Iowa Recorder Greene Iowa 1910-04-13