Des Moines, IA Platform Collapse, May 1906


Five Commissioners to General Assembly Injured in Collapse of Platform.

Des Moines, Iowa, May 18—Five commissioners to the Presbyterian general assembly were bruised and injured late this afternoon by the collapse of a temporary stand which had been erected for the purpose of getting a group photographed. The injured are:

Dr. C. Lukins, Roswell, N.M., hip bruised
Rev. W. O. David, Monongahela, W. Va., hip bruised
George Wills, Mendota, Ill., back bruised
Rev. J. M. McGaughey, Charlton, Iowa, leg strained
Rev. W. C. Buell of New Mexico, back bruised

Mr. Davis is the most seriously hurt and is under a physician's care tonight.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 19 May 1906