Van Horne, IA Oslen Construction Accident, May 1926

Man Has Narrow Escape; Buried by Cement Sacks

VAN HORNE, May 1. -- (Special) -- George H. Bechthold, local construction worker, lay in a critical condition, hovering between life and death, here tonight as a result of being buried under 30 sacks of cement at noon today.

Bechthold, an employee of the Olsen Construction company of Waterloo, which is erecting the new Lutheran church here, was buried when a huge pile of cement sacks suddenly shifted and toppled over.

Ronald Kanke, another employee, happened to see the sliding sacks and called for help. Quick work on the part of several fellow workmen saved Bechthold from death by suffocation.

Immediate medical attention was given by Dr. A. Thomas of Keystone. First examination showed Bechthold to be suffering from a dislocated shoulder and internal injuries. At 9 p. m. a later examination led by doctors to believe Bechthold's spine had been injured.

Although it was believe he would recover, doctors said his condition was "grave."

Cedar Rapids Republican, Cedar Rapids, IA 2 May 1926