Lost Nation, IA Tornado, May 1898

Last night about 4:30 o’clock a terrific cyclone passed through this county, scattering death and destruction in a most horrible manner....

From Lost Nation. The storm was first seen in the far west and for many miles its approach seemed to be coming directly toward this town. Later, when apparently about ten miles distant, the funnel-shaped cloud slightly changed its course and seemed to swing to the south somewhat bit its general course was east, and a little later it again appeared to come directly toward town, crossed the line into Clinton county just south of the Iseman farm, then south to Theo. Hillis’. The first house was destroyed in the county, as far as we have learned, was that of Patrick Welch. Twenty-eight persons had taken refuge in Mr. Welsh’s cellar and the house was blown from over their heads, but no one was hurt. The part included Teacher Miss Spellacy and all the pupils of the Welch school; the school house near by being completely destroyed. Some damage was done to the property of Tim O’ Boyle one mile south of town. It seems a miracle that in the six miles course over Liberty township, but one house and one schoolhouse happened to be in the course of the storm and no loss of life is reported here, but from that on the destruction was terrible, although the cloud at the Welch place changed its course to directly east two miles, leaving the town to one side. It then turned to a northeasterly direction, crossing the corner of Sharon township, destroying the homes and property of Peter McAndrews, (except house), building on the Wm. Rice Welch farm; from there on it took a course almost direct toward the town of Delmar, passing just south of the home of J. D. Leinbaugh but striking and entirely destroying the beautiful property of Wm. Ruggenberg, at whose place the work was particularly destructive as it completely demolished his large barns, house, etc., and killed nearly all of a large drove of fat cattle, most of his hogs and horses. Other homes on the route toward Delmar that are reported destroyed are Geo. Teakey, Gene Hiner and E. A. Coverdale.

Clinton Daily Herald , Clinton, IA 19 May 1898