Malcom, IA Tornado, Jun 1882

Malcom, June 17.- A terrible cyclone panned over here at 9:30 o'clock tonight. We have found seven dead and the wounded are numerous. Five of the best business houses, including the Gazette office, are demolished, and both churches and one-third of the dwellinghouses in town are flat or badly damaged,
The following are among the dead:

A man and his young son were blown into a well. The father climbed up the pump-stock, pushing his child before him.

The New York Times, New York, NY 19 Jun 1882


At Malcolm and vicinity 10 were killed and from 60 to 70 wounded. W. P. MIDDLEMAS, near Brooklyn, killed; MRS. ISAAC WILSON, killed; husband badly injured, one son killed and one injured; house of George Rice, near Malcolm, blown down river, and his son being thrown into a 22 foot well but uninjured, and his wife and five children taken from the debris of house uninjured; CHARLES WHEELER and MRS. AKERS, of Malcolm, killed, three children seriously injured; Mrs. Thomas Barr and daughter, terribly injured, MRS. THOMAS ORR, MRS. W. SYTHE, MR. and MRS. LEANDER HALL, and PETER CRAFT, all living in the vicinity of Malcolm, were killed, and three of injured are expected to die.

Malcolm has the following wounded; Mr. Honk, Mrs. Akers and three children, Mr. Snecklock and wife, Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Weatherbee, Mr. O. Myers, Mr. Andas and wife. Mr. Blood and wife and three children, three of Mr. Cloud's family, three of Mr. Stonebacker's family. There are probably many more that have not been reported. In the immediate vicinity of the town there were four persons killed - MR. CHARLES WHEELER, MRS. W.R. AKERS, MRS. O. MYERS, and old MRS. MYERS, mother of O. Myers.

In the country south-east of Malcolm several deaths occurred. I have not received authentic reports, but the following are reported VAN MIDDLEMAS, MRS. ISAAC WILSON and child. ORLANDO HALL and wife, WILLIAM LYTTLE. Twelve altogether are reported killed.





The following is the latest account of the disaster at Malcolm:

MALCOLM, June 18. --- A terrible cyclone passed over her at 9:30 tonight. We have found five dead, and the wounded are numerous. Some of the best business houses are demolished, including the Gazette office; both churches and one-third of the dwelling houses in town are flat or badly damaged. The cyclone extended as far as we can hear, destroying and killing everything in its path. All is excitement here.

A man and his son were blown into a well. The father climbed up the pump stock, pushing his child before him. South of Brooklyn a barn was destroyed and three people killed. Seven dead bodies have been found at Malcolm.

Liberty Weekly Tribune Missouri 1882-06-23