Rogers Settlement, IA Tornado, June 1860


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[From the Davenport Gazette]

We have collected some singular incidents connected with escapes, deaths, etc., by the tornado, and in some cases illustrating its mighty force.

From Rogers' Settlement, in Clinton county, a child four years old was carried a distance of two miles and killed.

Of Mr. Walrod's family of six, in the same county, all were killed but one, a little girl, who was carried half a mile, and escaped with life, but was badly injured.

Mr. Ames, who lived in a fine new brick, saw the storm coming, and hurried or forced his family into a root house. A few minutes afterwards they came out, and found houses, barns, etc., in ruins. Several of his horses were killed, and one had a rail driven completely through his body.

Our contemporary is informed that the family of Mr. Wallace, near Walrod's, were gathered in the centre [sic] of the house, when the wind scattered the bricks and timbers in every direction, leaving the family in their position almost uninjured.

Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL 9 Jun 1860