Ames, IA Iowa State College Main Building Fire, Dec 1900

Agricultural College Burned

Main Building Destroyed by Fire this morning with Loss of Over One Hundred Thousand

Finest Botanical Collection in the United States is Destroyed by the Flames.

Great Loss to State

Fire Destroys a Valuable Building of the State Agricultural Collage At Ames

Word reached Iowa City today that the main building of the State Agricultural Hall at Ames, known as the Agricultural Hall, was destroyed by fire at an early hour this morning.

The building and contents were nearly all destroyed, and the loss is one which will be a great one to the state of Iowa, the building alone being worth about one hundred thousand dollars. The origin of the fire is unknown, but was supposed to have been started by a defect in the heating apparatus.

While it may be an easy task for the state to replace the building, yet a great loss will be sustained, and one which will be hard to replace, as far as the contents are concerned. In the building was kept one of the best botanical collections in the world and this collection was almost entirely destroyed.

The loss is entire, as the state carries no insurance on any of its property.

By Scripps-McRae Press Association

Ames, Iowa, Dec 8—The main building of the State Agricultural College burned this morning. Loss $100,000. Three hundred students sleeping in the north wing were rescued by firemen. The finest botany collection in the United States was destroyed.

Daily Iowa State Press, Iowa City, IA 8 Dec 1900