Council Bluffs, IA Brewery Fire, Feb 1860

FIRE! - just after twelve o'clock on Sunday morning, our citizens were aroused from their slumbers by the cry of Fire! and the ringing of bells.

When we arrived at the scene of conflagration we found the Brewery belonging to Mr. Stephens enveloped in flames, with a fair prospect of their extending to other buildings; but by the exertions of the citizens assembled; and the aid of kind Providence, who said to the wind, "be still," none but the Brewery and a small building adjoining it were destroyed. We are not posted as to the amount of damage, but should judge it to be less than $3,000. We understand that Mr. Stephens had an insurance of $1,500 - Council Bluffs Bugle.

The Burlington Weekly Hawkeye, Burlington, IA 11 Feb 1860