Cedar Rapids, IA Auto Collision, Aug 1962


Cedar Rapids (UPI) - A bride of three days was killed Friday when the car in which she was riding went out of control and was in collision with another auto on U.S. 30 at the west city limits here.
Dead is MRS. ADRENNE PUGH, 21, Ames. Her husband, DR. GEORGE PUGH, JR., 28, and the driver of the other car, RAY DONLEY, 62, Vinton, were hospitalized at St. Luke's here. Neither was believed seriously hurt.
Authorities said the Ames couple was married at Washington, D.C., Tuesday and apparently was returning home. Authorities said the right wheels of PUGH'S car slipped onto the shoulder of the highway, and the car then swerved into the opposite lane of traffic and collided with the oncoming DONLEY automobile.
DR. PUGH, a research veterinarian, is employed at the National Animal Disease Laboratory in Ames.

Ames Daily Tribune Iowa 1962-09-01