Albia, IA Train Accident, Jul 1902

Caught in a Frog.

Albia, July 30. - James Cark, a Wabash brakeman, escaped being killed by the cars while switching in the Wabash yards here Sunday morning. He was between two freight cars making a coupling in a frog and held him fast. His presence of mind, coupled with unflinching nerve, saved him from a horrible death. Relizing that to remain fast in the meant swift and sure destruction by being cut to pieces by the wheels, he clutched hold of the ladder of one of the rapidly moving cars, and pulled himself by sheer strength loose from his dangerous position. His leg was almost wrenched from its socket by the strain and four toes of the foot were broken. Drs. Powell and Powell, the railroad company's surgeons, were called and rendered surgical aid. The injured man was taken to the hospital at Moberly, Mo., where he will have to stay for several weeks.

Davenport Daily Republican, Davenport, IA 31 Jul 1902