Maynard, IA Train Wreck, Sept 1913

Maynard, IA Train Wreck, Sept 1913 Maynard, IA Train Wreck, Sept 1913 Maynard, IA Train Wreck, Sept 1913


Thirty-five Others Injured When Spreading Rails Derail Train.

Cedar Rapids, Ia., Sept. 2 - Train No. 414, southbound on the Decorah branch of the Rock Inland, due here at 6 p.m., was wrecked two miles east of Maynard at 3:46 yesterday afternoon. The entire train was derailed, rolling down a ten-foot embankment.

Three were instantly killed ad thirty-five others were more or less seriously injured. The dead:
JOHN PROCTOR, Kansas City.
I. HEPWORTH, Oelwein, Ia.
MRS. CORA DEBOW, Oelwein, Ia.


The more seriously injured.
Dr. S. M. Andrews, Oelwein, face cut and injured internally.
Mons. Proctor, shoulders injured.
G.H. Phillips, ribs broken.
A. A. Crawford, engineer, Cedar Rapids; back injured.
Firemen Hennings, Cedar Rapids, internal injuries.
A. M. Wolters, conductor, Cedar Rapids: shoulders injured.
Chauncy Briggs: arm broken.
P. T. Hensick; hip broken.
The injured were taken to hospitals at Oelwein.


The cause of the accident was the spreading of the rails while the train was going over a ten-foot villa. As soon as the engine left the rails the coaches turned over and slid down the embankment.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 2 Sept 1913

Maynard, IA Train Wreck photos (above) from Stu Beitler.