Winthrop, IA Two Car Collision, Sep 1959


Winthrop, Iowa (AP) - Four holiday travelers were killed and six persons, including four children injured in the head-on collision of two cars on Highway 20 near this town in eastern Iowa.
Three of the dead were EDWARD KOHLMEYER, 67, his wife, and GERTRUDE MANN, all of Round Lake, Ill. They were in one car.
The fourth was BERNICE ANITA PETERS, 31, of Grundy Center, Iowa. She was driving the second car in which she and her two little girls and her sister's family were going to Wisconsin for the weekend.
The injured included the PETERS children, TONI, 10, and JERRI, 8, MR. and MRS. LLOYD HOWARD, about 33, of Marshalltown, Iowa, and their children LINDA, 12, and DARLA, 9.
The four children and the HOWARDS were taken to a hospital at Independence where MRS. HOWARD was listed in critical condition.
Sheriff Emory Hart said the cars met on a straight stretch of road and the cause of the accident was not determined.

Statesman Journal Salem Oregon 1959-09-06