Iowa City, IA Railroad Accident, Aug 1903


We learn from the State Press, published at Iowa City, Iowa, of the 22nd ult., that MR. JOHN BRICKLE, of that city, (formerly of Gettysburg,) was, on Thursday morning previous, run over by a railroad car, loaded with bridge lumber, and so seriously injured as to survive but about an hour.

The fractures were mostly confined to the legs, the thigh and hip, but some of his ribs are supposed to have been broken also, and a shoulder thrown out of place. They, as well as the flesh wounds and internal injuries, were of the most distressing character, rendering it evident from the first that the sufferer was not to suffer long. He bore his agony with heroic fortitude, excepting at the period of its apparent culmination, when he fairly shrieked with anguish, and then sank rapidly away, sensible almost to the last moment.

The accident was one which probably cannot be imputed to the fault of any party. MR. BRICKLE was crossing the track, when the car which he had been engaged in loading, was struck by a backing train, thrown forcibly and suddenly against him; and the fatal work was done.

MR. BRICKLE was a carpenter by trade, and at the time of the accident was employed by MR. SHEETS, a bridge contractor on the M. & M. Railroad.

He leaves a widow, (his second wife,) and five children, two of whom were the offspring of his first marriage. One of the children is now East, and his aged mother is also still living, in Franklin co., Pa.
The REV. MR. McCLEAN officiated at the funeral services, which were held on Friday, and largely attended by friends of deceased and citizens generally.

The Republican Compiler Pennsylvania 1860-09-03