Mt Ayr, IA Lamp Accident, Jan 1902

Girl Burned Alive.

Mt. Ayr, Jan. 10 - Delia Watts met a horrible death here Tuesday night by fire. She was literally roasted to death and died in great agony in half an hour after the accident.

Miss Watts was a domestic in the employ of Samuel Spurrier and was engaged in doing some sewing. On the machine was a lamp which it was thought was overturned. This fact is not definitely known because the girl was so badly burned that she was unable to tell the origin of the blaze. Mrs. Spurrier and her two youngest daughters barely escaped, but were unhurt.

She arose from her bed and carried her baby out of the house. The building was saved by the fire department.

Davenport Daily Leader, Davenport, IA 10 Jan 1902