Davis County, IA Lightning Strike, Jun 1860

MELANCHOLY CATASTROPHE.----Mr. Jabez Hopkins, of Fox River township, Davis County, was killed by lightning on Sunday morning week.---The bolt descended upon the roof of his house, and parted one portion coming down the chimney to the fire-place, near which Mr. Hopkins at that moment was. The fluid struck him on the head, burning his hair, face and clothing, in a shocking manner. A metallic handle knife in his pocket was melted to a running fluid and the steel blade was also melted so as to be hardly recognized. The leather of one of his boots on his feet was burnt to a crisped mass of coal.---The fluid when passed to the earth, tearing up the hearth and floor. The other section of the bolt passed down one of the rafters to near the eaves, when it entered a flue and followed the stove pipe to a stove in the room below, melting the door and other parts of the stove. In its passage to the earth it left no perceptible track beneath the stove. The family, who were in the house, were all struck senseless, but soon recovered. A dog which had taken shelter from the storm beneath the floor of the house was found dead, although no marks of the effects of the lightning were found on its body.

The Burlington Weekly Hawkeye, Burlington, IA 9 Jun 1860