Cedar Rapids, IA Tornado, Jun 1882

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, June 23.-The following particulars have been learned of the storm of Thursday; It was a hurricane -- not a tornado -- and swept over all area of 20 miles in width; some damage was done at Walker and Rowley; also as far north as Oliver. The centre [sic] of the greatest force and destructiveness was at Independence. The storm broke in its greatest fury about 5 P. M., blowing from the north-west with a straight wind, without a tornado funnel. In a few minutes property valued a $150,000 was destroyed, two lives were lost and 10 persons were injured, two of them dangerously. The killed were ALBERT RIRKE, aged 11 years, and his brother, aged 18 years. The latter was killed by the moving of the house on its foundation as he was going to the cellar, and the former was crushed by the falling roof of the house as he was leaving it in fright. The streets were thronged with people, and the wonder is no more were injured. There was a scene of great confusion on the streets, women screaming and all rushing to shelter, while the air was filled with flying missiles. About 20 residences were wrecked. Nearly 50 barns were leveled and an enormons [sic] amount of plate-glass was smashed. The Insane Asylum was damaged to the extent of $2,500. The brick smoke stack, 130 feet high, was blown down to its foundations, and in falling struck the carpenter's shop and boiler-room. The west end and north side of the roof of the front centre [sic] was carried off. The stables, wagon, and slaughter-houses were unroofed. No patients or employes [sic] were injured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Jun 1882