Iowa City, IA Train Accident, Jan 1906


Henry Fuhrmeister of Newport Township Thrown by a Train.

Shortly after ten o'clock this mourning what might have been a most serious accident happened near the stock yards located at the corner of Maiden Lane and Lafayette streets.

Henry Fuhrmeister of Newport township had just delivered a wagon load hogs at the stock yards and was driving out and just as his wagon was crossing B. C. R. & n. tracks was struck by a fast moving car which was being switched in position for loading.

The car struck the wagon amidships, as a sailor would say, and for about a minute it looked bad in that quarter. Mr. Fuhrmeister was thrown fully twenty feet high, some spectators saying that he went clear over the car, but luckily he was not hurt.
His team also uninjured but badly scared started to run taking with them the tongue and front wheels of the wagon. Crossing the Ralston creek bridge on Lafayette street they collided with a wagon coming east and injured that rig somewhat. The team was stopped near the glove factory.

Daily Iowa State Press, Iowa City, IA 6 Jan 1906