Council Bluffs, IA Train Wrecked, June 1890


Council Bluffs, Iowa, June 17. -- The west-bound passenger train on the Burlington road was wrecked ten miles east of here from the spreading of the track. Five coaches were derailed and broken up. The injured are:
JUDGE H. E. DEEMER, of Red Oak, face cut and leg lacerated by window glass.
HANNAH ANDERSON, of Galesburg Ill., severe contusion of the right eye, left cheek lacerated.
J. B. HALL, Augusta, Ill., right arm dislocated and body badly bruised.
A. H. LAWSHE, of Red Oak, knee, side and arm badly bruised.
MRS. HANNAH DAVIS, Brookings, Dak., badly injured about the body.
The Conductor of the train, whose name was not learned, severely cut about the head and body.
None of the injuries are regarded as fatal. The wreck was caused by rotten ties breaking, so the track spread. The entire train is in the ditch.

Chillicothe Constitution Missouri 1890-06-18