Topeka, KS Fell From Burning Balloon, Jul 1911


Topeka, Kan., July 4.---Two men, one an involuntary passenger, had a narrow escape from death when they fell from a burning balloon here Tuesday. As Bert Curry, a Kansas City balloonist, was rising in his hot-air balloon, at a Fourth of July celebration this evening, Walter Taylor, a spectator, became entangled in one of the ropes of the balloon and was jerked aloft. As the balloon rose it was seen that the gas bag was on fire, and the crowd was horror-struck as the flames rapidly ate into the fabric. The balloon continued to rise until it had reached a height of 100 feet, when it collapsed and fell dropping the two men into a big tree, through which they fell onto a popcorn stand below. Both were badly shaken and scratched, but otherwise unhurt. The balloon was a total wreck.

The Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK 5 Jul 1911