Salina, KS Auto Wreck, Aug 1957

One Injured In 3-Vehicle Crash

Dwight Dean GUTSCH, 43, 1327 W. Republic, suffered minor injuries in a 3-car crash at Broadway and Republic Wednesday.

He was treated at Asbury Hospital for cuts on the face and an arm.

According to police, the accident happened as GUTSCH was driving east on Republic across the US81 intersection.

A south-bound semi-trailer driven by Lester Joseph RAINE, 56, Maple Hill, collided with the GUTSCH car which spun around and struck a north-bound car driven by Mrs. Emma BOYD, 37, 710 Garden Ave.

Thrown Out

GUTSCH was thrown out of his car.

Mrs. Boyd’s mother, Mrs. Nora PETERSON, 68, 710 Garden Ave., was riding with her daughter and was shaken up.

She was checked later by a doctor.

According to Lt. Bud TILLETT, charges were filed against GUTSCH.

The accident happened at 11:15 am.

Salina Journal, Salina, KS 14 Aug 1957