Clements, KS Tornado Destruction, May 1889



Kansas City, Mo., May 29. -- A Times special from Emporia, Kan., reports that a disastrous tornado passed over Clements, Chase County, thirty-two miles west of there, about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Capt. BROWN and his daughter were killed, and his wife had a leg torn off, and his son had an arm and a leg broken. It is reported that six or seven other persons were killed, but the wires are all down, and no reliable information can be obtained.
John Pantle, conductor of a stock train, who arrived in Emporia at 9 o'clock last night, says he passed through Clements just after the storm, and in plain sight of part of its destruction doings. The cloud looked square-shaped, like a house with its lower portion surrounded by a white cloud looking like steam, which seemed to rise from all around the main dark cloud. As it came through the timber it cut a clean swath apparently destroying everything in its path, and when it struck the Cottonwood River it looked as if it was cutting a path through the river, piling up the water on both sides. He saw Capt. BROWN'S stone house totally demolished, another with the roof and one side torn off and still another lifted and carried from its foundations.
He afterwards learned that the people in the latter house took to the cellar and escaped uninjured. The storm crossed the railroad in three places, and seemed to have made a partial circle, going over nearly the same path a second time. Pantle says its path was about fifty yards wide, and that there is little doubt of much damage and more deaths having occurred farther from the road. He left word at Strong City, and from there a special will be sent out with doctors and assistance.

Newark Daily Advocate Ohio 1889-05-29