Greensburg, KS Tornado, May 1923


A Score of Persons Injured, Property Damage is Heavy.

Reported One Child Was Killed and Two Dangerously Injured Near Greenburg

Wichita., Kan., May 23.-- A score of persons were injured, several perhaps seriously and considerable property damage resulted when a tornado swept thru Greensburg during the night.

Several homes were blown down, and telegraph and telephone wires were put out of commission.

Houses, barns and refinery tanks were blown down.

One child was reported killed and two others dangerously injured.

When the storm struck Wichita three persons were seriously injured and a dozen bruised. . . .

Mrs. Charles Minor, 70, who lived in a small frame building near here, was not expected to live as a result of injuries she received when here home was struck by the storm. With her husband she was rescued from the twisted wreckage by neighbors. Parts of their home were scattered over a ten acre field.

Reports from Greenburg said that over a hundred persons had been made homeless and were being cared for by townspeople. Forty residences were demolished, the report said. The town is without lights and telephone service.

The Chillicothe Constitution Tribune, Chillicothe, MO, 23 May 1923


Tornado Sweeps Kansas.

Greensburg, Kan. - - One person was near death, more than a score were suffering from injuries and more than 100 were homeless as the result of a tornado which struck Greensburg. Damage was estimated at $150,000. The tornado, which swept from the southeast to the northwest thru the outskirts of the town, destroyed seventeen houses and damaged more than a score of others.

Akron Weekly Pioneer, Akron, CO 1 Jun 1923