Osage City, KS Tornado, Apr 1893


Osage City Almost Completely Wiped Out of Existence.


All One Great Mass of Debris --- Various Theories Advanced By Those Who Are Most Familiar With the Antics of the Sunflower Zephyr --- Many Believe the City Was Visited By Two Storms Which Came Upon It In Entirely Opposite Directions.

OSAGE CITY, Kan., April 19. --- Yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock the city was visited by a disastrous and destructive cyclone. Death and destruction followed in its path. The storm, after striking the entire north end of the city seems to have divided, one part going to the southwest, the other to the southeast.
Various theories, however, exist with reference to the direction of the wind, and some think two or three cyclones paid their respects to the city at the same time. The course of the storm was very irregular. In the northeastern portion of the city, where the greatest damage was done one house would be left standing, riddled only by flying missiles, while those surrounding were completely blown to splinters.

Furniture, clothing, bedding and everything pertaining to housekeeking [sic] could be seen intermingled with boards, lath, plaster, brick and building material, all one mass of debris. Trees, barns, fences and outbuildings were scattered in every direction and the appearance of the territory in the track of the storm is almost indescribable. A mass meeting was held today to provide means for the relief of the homeless and destitute. In the northwestern part of the city, the destruction of property was very great, several houses being blown down. Several loaded cars were blown from railroad switches.

Near the Missouri Pacific depot it is estimated that over forty buildings were entirely demolished while fully one-half of the buildings in the city were damaged. The extent of the loss will run away up into the thousands and cannot easily be estimated at this time. It is almost a miracle that so few were killed and injured.

The following is a list of killed and injured:
MRS. ANDERSON WAGGONER, killed instantly.
ANDERSON WAGGONER, severely injured and cannot recover.
MRS. J. H. HECKARD, arm broken and internal injuries.
J. H. HECKARD, hip hurt.
JOSEPH BACON, ribs broken.
Child of N. P. LARSON, severely scalded.
Child of JOHN SWANSON, scalp cut and generally bruised.
MISS CONNORS, severe cut over left eye.
Little Daughter of ELI CONNORS, severe internal injuries.
Son of JOHN SWANSON, scalp wound.
EMILE GEORGIA, scalp wound.
MORGAN WILLIAMS, scalp wound.
MRS. MINNIE MAHER, severely bruised.
MRS. ARCHIE GARDNER, severely bruised.
Child of NELS NELSON, badly hurt.
D. L. WILLIAMS, back hurt.
MISS HICKARD, head hurt.
EVA MORGAN, scalp wound.

Many others were slightly hurt. Two children were carried a distance of 100 feet but were uninjured.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1893-04-22