Phillipsburg, KS Tornado, Jun 1882

(Special to The Kansas City Times.)

Atchison, June 27. -- A special from Phillippsburg [sic] states that the cyclone struck that town by which the wooden baptist church, 40x50 feet was completely crushed and splintered. The dwellings of Messrs. Stockman, Nash, Snodgrass and Hale are totally destroyed; the brick building of Wm. Bissell was wrecked; the livery stable of Dallas Harmon and saloon of Wm. Taylor both have roofs off and walls crushed in; the frame building Louis Hax of St. Joe had the roof blown in and the roof taken off the two story double store of Geo Young, the whole building unroofed and the east half blew over. Ross Hale, wife and two babies were carried through the air in their house a great distance before it went to pieces. Not a person was lost. The stores of Winship & Leffingwell, James Woods, McCormick and Taylor and D--- Huling are all damaged but not ruined.

The Evening Star, Kansas City, MO 28 Jun 1882