Hoisington & Utica, KS Grass Fire, Mar 1916

HOISINGTON, KAS., March 22.—In the high wind yesterday a grass fire started out about thirty-five miles northwest of Utica and soon was beyond control. L. L. McCarter lost all his feed, out buildings, home and live stock; D. L. Bolinger lost all his buildings except the dwelling; Dayton Maurer lost all buildings, including his home and four thousand bushels of corn and five hundred bushels of oats.

The fire crossed the Smoky River and headed towards Utica, passing about four miles east of town, burning almost to the Missouri Pacific Railway before it was stopped. Among the losers south of the river are B. F. Fitzpatrick, who lost a number of small buildings; Elmer Huffman, who lost his granary and a wagon; Samuel Laytor, who lost his barn and granary; Osmer Renniger, who lost his granary and twenty-five hundred bushels of grain. The fire covered a territory about seventy miles long and five to twenty miles wide. The total loss is estimated at $40,000 to $50,000.

Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO 22 Mar 1916