Kansas City, KS Fire, Mar 1916

Wind Fans A $10,000 Fire.

Three Buildings Destroyed on Kansas Side Early This Morning.

Fire which started about 3 o’clock this morning in the rear of a grocery store owned by C.C. Price, 1258 Kansas Avenue, Kansas side, destroyed the store and two adjacent buildings. The loss was $10,000.

The high wind fanned the flames which gained great headway before the firemen arrived. Sparks spread to the home of M.S. Satlin, 1117 Kansas Avenue and caught the roof. Firemen on the way to the first fire, put out the fire at the Satlin home before much damage was done.

A 10-room building and a 3-room building, adjoining the grocery store, were destroyed. They were owned by W.D. Dickinson. A laundry occupied part of the 10-room building.

John McNarrey, fire chief, said it was the hottest fire he had fought in nineteen years. On account of the high wind the firemen could not get near the burning building, but fought the fire at a distance and from behind other buildings. The cause of the fire is not known.

Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO 22 Mar 1916