Wichita, KS Bus - Auto Wreck, Apr 1930

Victims of Automobile Accident, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Stevens of Ansley, Are Former Residents of Seward and Lincoln----Woman Presided Last August At Annual Convention of Nebraska War Mothers Here.

WICHITA, Kas., April 26---(AP)---C. J. Stevens, 70, and Mrs. Stevens, 60, of Ansley, Neb., were killed today when their car collided with a Wichita-Tulsa bus of the Southern Kansas Stage lines. One of the nine passengers on the bus received a broken leg.

Both Known In Lincoln.

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, for many years, lived at Ansley, Neb. where Mr. Stevens operated a general merchandise store. They had also lived at Seward and Lincoln a number of years ago, and are well known here. Mrs. Stevens was president of the Nebraska War Mothers last year.

Mr. Stevens retired from business about twenty years ago, and since then he and Mrs. Stevens had spent their summers at Pelican lake, Minn. and the winters in Corpus Christi, Tex. At Pelican lake they were neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Mockett of Lincoln.

Mr. Mockett when informed of the fatal accident stated that they were probably enroute[sic] to Pelican lake A son of Mrs. Stevens by a former marriage, Fred Butler of Iowa, is thought to have been with Mr. and Mrs. Stevens at Corpus Christi. Mr. Mockett stated that it is possible the two families may have been making the trip north in different autos. Mr. Stevens has a son, also by a former marriage, living in California.

Mr. Stevens came to Nebraska over thirty years ago from New York state, where he was engaged in the banking business. Before her marriage, Mrs. Stevens was Jennie Green of Seward. Mrs. Stevens presided at the annual convention of the Nebraska War Mothers held last August in the state capitol.

The Lincoln Star, Lincoln, NE 26 Apr 1930