Lawrence, KS Excursion Train Accident, July 1869


St. Louis, July 16.
The Democrat has a special from Lawrence, Kansas, which contains the following, complete list of wounded by the accident to the excursion train near Lawrence, on the 14th:
J. D. HERKIMER, General Superintendent of the St. Louis and Indiana R.R., slightly.
JOHN PERKINS, President of the Bank of Commerce, Cleveland, slightly.
FRANK FORD, chief engineer of C. C. & C. R. R. an ugly wound on the head and otherwise injured seriously but not fatally.
C. S. FLINT, Superintendent of C. C. & C. R. R., slightly.
LUCIEN HILLS, C. C. & C. R. R., wounded about the head, and otherwise injured; not dangerous.
E. KING, treasurer of C. C. & Ind. R. R., right arm fractured.
J. C. NOYES, freight agent of St. Louis and Indianapolis Road, badly, but not supposed fatally injured.
EBEN NOYES, St. Louis, slightly.
GENERAL GRAFT, of the Terre Haute Express, was injured about the head.
S. BEACH, banker, Terre Haute, badly bruised and jammed.
B. W. HANNA, attorney of St. Louis and Indianapolis Road, left leg hurt and otherwise bruised.
WM. MEEK, Terre Haute, bad wound on the nose and face.
GEN. COBURN, Indianapolis, slightly injured.
GEN. BARNETT, Cleveland, seriously injured.
RODERICK KING, slightly.
JAS. BERNARD, conductor, badly hurt.
JAS. ROBERTS, colored, porter for the party, badly hurt.
BERNARD A. BRAKEMAN, supposed to be fatally injured.
CHAS. HICKS, Cleveland, slight.
H. N. JOHNSON, Cleveland Herald, slight fracture of the arm.
OSCAR TOWNSEND, President of the Cleveland, Columbus & Indiana Road, slightly hurt in the back.
STEM RUSSELL, porter of the Superintendent of the Kansas Pacific Road, badly injured.
GEN. COBB, of Vincennes, slightly.
PROF. WILBUR, of Vincennes, slightly, and MRS. WILBUR, slightly.

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer West Virginia 1869-07-17