Wichita, KS Train - Automobile Wreck, Aug 1910


J. H. McCoy and His Wife Had a Narrow Escape from Death Last Night.

In a collision with an Orient train last night on Bayley street, midway between Water and Main street, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McCoy, in a Metz motor car, sustained painful injuries.  The car was demolished.  Mr. and Mrs. McCoy received a fractured rib and Mrs. McCoy was bruised.

Mr. McCoy was driving to his home 1242 South Main street, when the accident occurred. In order to avoid running into a mud hole on Bayley street, he pulled out across the Orient tracks directly in front of a string of cars which were backing eastward.  A yell from the brakeman was the first warning he had of the cars, but before the reverse could be put on the cars struck the machine. Mr. and Mrs. McCoy were thrown to the side of the track.

Mr. McCoy attributed the accident to the noise of his motor car engine and the brakeman's tardiness in giving the stop signal to the engineer. Mr. McCoy thought he had escaped without injury last night but about 10 o'clock a pain made itself felt in his left side and he was surprised to find a fractured rib.  This will keep him from work for several days.  He is employed at the McCormick Printing company.

The Wichita Beacon, Wichita, KS 10 Aug 1910