Armourdale, KS Flood, May 1903


A City of 16,000 People Is Now Entirely Destroyed.

Kansas City, Mo., June 3 – The waters of the Kansas and Missouri rivers continue to fall. The militia and police closely guard all approaches to the flooded district.
The Associated Press launch crossed to Armourdale today and cruised for miles through the water lanes formerly the city’s streets. The entire city is under water, in many places twenty feet and all of the 16,000 inhabitants have fled. Except the watchmen in the packing houses on the river front, not a human being is being to be seen nor even a domestic animal.
Armourdale will not be habitable for a long time after the flood subsides. Every building is more or less damaged and hundreds are utterly ruined. A strong current has set in through the town and the river may persist in flowing via this course. In the old channel in front of Armourdale the stream flows moderately but through the town the water rushes madly. On the flat roofs of houses now uncovered a foot of mud lies.
Kansas avenue, the principal thoroughfare of Armourdale, is choked twenty feet with debris. Brick buildings have stood, losing all their windows, but the water has packed the streets with rubbish. The clearing away of the mud and ruins will be a work of months.
In the west bottoms of Kansas City several brick buildings, undermined by water, fell today. Not one wooden building is fit to be used.
In the stock yards district dead horses, mules and cattle are floating on every side.

Decatur Herald, Decatur, IL 4 Jun 1903



Young Woman From Taylorville Was Among the Flood Sufferers at Armourdale.

Taylorville, June 3 – Special to the Herald – No word has as yet been received in Taylorville from Miss Lou Shumway, who when last heard from by relatives here was at Armourdale, Kas., which is not under twenty feet of water.
It is hardly likely that she has been a flood victim, but her relatives and friends are in considerable mental distress over her welfare.

Decatur Herald, Decatur, IL 4 Jun 1903