Plains, KS Auto And Truck Collision, Aug 1954



Plains, Kan., Aug. 6 - (UP) - Eight persons, including four tiny children, were killed near here last night in a highway collision what wiped out two entire families. Two other persons were critically injured.
The dead were MR. and MRS. EUGENE ELLIOTT and their two children, four-year-old CONNIE JEAN and MARE ALLEN, aged one and a half, and MR. and MRS. BOYD BOYER and their two children, EDWARD J. BOYER, two years old, and CYNTHIA KAY, five weeks, all of Plains.
All were occupants of an automobile which collided with a pickup truck loaded with cables, copper wiring, and other electrical equipment. The occupants of the truck, RAYMOND PORTER and L. CLARK, both of Mayfield, were injured, critically.
The two vehicles collided at the intersections of Highways 160 and 54 just east of here.
A California family, identified only as Mr. and Mrs. Sears and their three children, was sleeping at the roadside almost at the point of collision and had a narrow escape, Meade County Sheriff Arlie Johnston said. Debris from the truck littered the area where they were sleeping, some of it falling on pallets where the children lay, and the demolished car "wound up right next to them," Johnston said.
Five of the victims, the four children and MRS. ELLIOTT, were killed outright, ELLIOTT died en-route to a hospital and MR. and MRS. BOYER died immediately after their arrival at the Meade County Hospital at Meade, Kan.
PORTER was reported in "extremely critical" condition from internal bleeding. He underwent surgery and received a blood transfusion from Johnston early today. The condition of CLARK also was listed as critical, but he was expected to recover.
Johnston said the automobile was traveling on U.S. 54 and the truck on U.S. 160. There is a stop sign at the intersection. It appeared the pickup did not see the sign and hit the auto broadside.

Neosho Daily News Missouri 1954-08-06