Fort Scott, KS Flood, Apr 1904




No Lives Lost So Far as Known.

Fort Scott, Kan., April 25.----Fort Scott is experiencing the most serious flood in its history. Marmton river and Mill creek, which runs into the former stream here, have risen ten feet in the past 26 hours, the result of heavy rains. Several hundred persons have been rescued in boats. As far as know no lives have been lost. The estimated loss to livestock drowned and property damage is $100,000. The two streams began to rise at ten o'clock Saturday night and as a result the city had been divided into three sections and almost completely isolated. Normally Mill creek runs into the Marmaton river northeast of the city, but because of the rapid rise they formed a new channel that cut across one end of the city. The entire northern part of the city in cut off, and part of the city is inundated. Ten feet of water is rushing through the streets in that part of the city and several hundred persons in what is known as Belltown have been forced to leave their homes. Many were taken away in boats.

There were several narrow escapes from drowning. Late Sunday an aged couple named Lemore, living a mile north of the city, near the river, were rescued in boats. They were out all day under the direction of Fire Chief of Police Mendanhall, and they succeeded in saving thousands of dollars worth of property as well as the hundreds of inhabitants of that district. Many who refused to leave Belltown will still have to be taken away in boats, as all avenues of escape have now been cut off.

The gas works is three under water and has closed down. The engine and pumps at the water station are 20 feet under water. The Southwestern Wholesale Grocery company's warehouse is flooded and the water has reached the office.

Stevens Point Daily Journal, Stevens Point, WI 25 Apr 1904