Burrton, KS Train Wreck, Jul 1922


Collides With Several Oil Cars Which Are Set On Fire

HUTCHINSON, Kan., July 8. - Running at 40 miles an hour, eastbound Santa Fe train No. 4 ran into an open switch at Burrton, 16 miles east of here, this afternoon, wrecking the train and injuring nine persons seriously. The list of injured includes J.M. STEHMAN, Pasadena, Cal., bruised and cut; R.A. BROOMFIELD, Hermosa Beach, Cal., leg broken, and EUGENE SMITH, Los Angeles.

A spectacular feature of the wreck, which might have been disastrous, was when the engine collided with two cars of gasoline, the impact igniting them. They burned fiercely for hours.

BURRTON, Kan., July 8. – Six persons were seriously injured here late today, when Santa Fe passenger train No. 4 crashed into an open switch and a string of oil cars, which took fire.

Nevada State Journal, Reno, NV 9 Jul 1922


Burton train wreck in kansas in 1922

I tried to post this earlier from my phone but it did not go through. I have scanned in pictures of this aaccident from an old family album. My grandfather evidently took them. He labeled it as a Rock Island locomotive but it was the same day an about 20 miles from his home. I can link if anyone is interested.

Train wreck info

I have photos of this wreck taken evidently by my grandfather in 1922. If anyone is interested I can provide scanned copies.