Bison, KS Tornado, Apr 1912

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Many Persons Injured by a Tornado in Kansas

Hoisington, Kan., April 20.-- Fifteen persons were injured, four probably fatally, at Bison, a town of 400 inhabitants, 24 miles west of here, when a tornado struck the place today. Many of the houses were blown down, a large elevator was destroyed and a number of freight cars were hurled over a quarter of a mile. The path of the storm was 300 yards wide. Those believed to be fatally hurt are:

R. Kotall, a farmer, and his 5-year-old daughter, Mary.

John Peltz and Philip Sherman, also farmers.

The storm came from the southwest after a moderately cool, windy day, marked by showers of rain and hail.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA, 21 Apr 1912


Kansas City, Mo., April 21. -- Three persons are known to have lost their lives in the four tornadoes that late Saturday visited southern and central Kansas ....

Prockop Kottala and his 4-year-old granddaughter were killed in the storm at Bison, Rush county.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC, 22 Apr 1912