Aliceville, KS Tornado, Oct 1903

Emporia, Kans., October 7, - - Three persons killed outright, two fatally injured and fourteen others more or less seriously hurt, with enormous property loss, is the net result of tornadoes that prevailed near Hamilton, Greenwood county, and near Aliceville, Coffey county, Kans., last night. The town of Aliceville, which has 200 inhabitants, was practically demolished. Wires were prostrated and the extent of the storm was not learned until late today. The list of casualties may yet be incomplete.

The Injured . . . At Aliceville and Vicinity.

William Bruce, fatally

Four members of the family of John Earlwine, none dangerously

Young daughter of J. W. Whorton, seriously

Heavy rain and wind storms were general all over Kansas last night. With the exception of those near Hamilton and Aliceville and vicinity, however, only minor damage was done.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA, 8 Oct 1903


Burlington, Kas., Oct. 7. -- The town of Aliceville, Coffee county, with 200 inhabitants, is reported destroyed by last night's tornado. Fifteen people are reported injured, three seriously. All wires are down and details are meagre.

The Daily Journal, Telluride, CO 7 Oct 1903