Louisville, KY Train Plunges Off Trestle, Jan 1892


A Train Falls Thirty-Five Feet, Killing One Man.

LOUISVILLE, Jan. 6 -- As the train over the Kentucky and Indiana bridge, last night at 12:17 o'clock, was backing over the trestle, which is thirty-five feet high, into the round house to put up for the night, one of the coaches jumped the track and fell to the ground. Fortunately there were no passengers aboard.
Conductor FRANK MAHAN was instantly killed by being caught beneath the fallen coach. Brakeman WILLIAM PATTON jumped off the trestle and sustained only a severe fracture of the ankle.
MAHAN was forty years old and married. He lived at 2807 Montgomery street, this city, where his body was removed.
The exact cause of the accident is not known. No blame is attached to the train crew.

The Lima Daily Times Ohio 1892-01-06