Reynoldsville, KY House and Barn Fire, Dec 1911

John Reid’s House And Barn Destroyed

Property, Including Tobacco Worth $5500 and Loss Is Uninsured

(Special To The Herald.)
Owingsville, Ky., Dec. 31. – In the Reynoldsville neighborhood, four miles north of Owingsville, the large and comparatively new dwelling house of John REID, together with all its household goods, was destroyed by fire.

The fire was caused by a defective flue and started while Mr. REID and family were at supper. There was nothing saved but a few pieces of meat in a nearby smokehouse.

Two hours later, after Mr. REID and family, together with a large number of neighbors who had been attracted by the fire, had gone away, the weather being very disagreeable, the cold wind blowing a gale, fire that had doubtless been carried there by the wind, broke out in Mr. REID’S barn, some hundreds of yards from his dwelling house. The barn contained 14,000 to 16,000 pounds of excellent 1911 tobacco, corn, hay, oats, all of which was quickly consumed, while the people assembled looked helplessly on.

The dwelling house and contents were worth $2,500, while the barn and contents are estimated at $3,000. There was no insurance on the tobacco or other contents of the barn or dwelling and but very little on either of the buildings.

Mr. REID is a hard working man and good citizen, and his losses by this fire represent the savings of years.

This is the second large fire in the immediate neighborhood this week.
Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY 1 Jan 1912