Bellevue, KY Flood, Feb 1883


All the houses on Front street are completely submerged, the water being up in some of them higher than the windows. The residents of the lower side of Rheusford street have all moved except two or three. If the water comes up mush higher, some of the houses on Front street will be in great danger of floating away. The remains of the Late Mr. Shaue, were taken to Maysville by the steamer Telegraph, which called at Bellevue, owing to the fact that there was no other way of getting the corpse on board. Five men were upset out of a skiff on Saturday evening while crossing the creek, getting wet up to the shoulders.

It was fortunate they were not further out, as some of them would have been drowned. At a few of the houses below the creek the water is up to within a few inches of the eaves. On one of the houses was a hen and rooster perched on the chimney. The rooster kept crowing, as if calling for assistance. Two small houses are turned over and present a sad appearance. Another house had floated from its moorings and was fastened to a tree.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 14 Feb 1883