Middlesboro, KY Flood, Mar 1902


People Forced to Flee for Their Lives--Two Are Drowned.

Middlesboro, Ky., March 29.--The worst flood since 1890 swept over eastern Kentucky and east Tennessee last night. It rained for three days and nights, swelling the Cumberland and Powell rivers beyond their banks as well as all other streams and before the farmers were aware of the danger the flood was on them. Many were compelled to flee for their lives. Every store in the city excepting three has from 3 to 15 inches of water on their floors.

“Over the Rhine,” peopled by negroes and poor whites, was flooded and denizens were compelled to flee at midnight. Mingo Hollow is devastated; railroad trestles and bridges were washed away.

TOM and WILL WARREN, aged 12 and 15, respectively, were drowned near Newburn in the flood which swept down the Powell valley. Warren’s house was wrecked and he escaped with his wife by swimming. The damage in that section is estimated at over $5,000. The loss to Middlesboro merchants is greater than at first believed, it being $1,500. It will take $____ [illegible] for this city to replace her bridges.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 30 Mar 1902