Louisville, KY Ice Gorge, Jan 1893

Situation at Louisville

Louisville, Ky., Jan. 31.-Tuesday morning Huge fields of ice were rushing down the river carrying everything before them. Up to noon in this harbor and Pumpkin Patch, six miles above, thirty loaded and 130 unloaded barges have been sunk or carried over the falls. These were valued at $150,000. The towboat Aid was also sunk, the Hot Spur had several holes cut in her hold and the little steam yacht, Carrie B., was sent to the bottom. Altogether the damage so far is estimated at $200,000. The harbor here is pretty well stripped, but a great deal of further damage is expected above. There are still several hundred barges of coal at Pumpkin Patch and these may be swept away at any moment. Fifty-five barges had passed Madison up to noon Tuesday, showing that the damage further up the river was also considerable.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 1 Feb 1893