Knoxville, KY Train - Horse Wreck, Feb 1912

Escapes His Horse’s Fate

Animal Cut in Two by Train, Driver Unhurt

Mr. C.E. Radley, of Knoxville, narrowly escaped death this morning when the horse he was driving was cut in two by a Baltimore and Ohio engine, and the wagon in which he was driving was demolished.

Men near the Baltimore and Ohio crossing at Knoxville noticed Mr. Radley approaching the track, apparently oblivious to the close approach of the shifting engine, and shouted to him, but he evidently did not hear. As the horse reached the middle of the track the engine struck it, killing it instantly and carrying it some distance. The wheels from the wagon were torn from the axles, and Mr. Radley thrown to the bottom of the wagon.

He was stunned by the shock and could not speak for several minutes, but in a short while he recovered and was found to be unhurt.

Evening Post, Frederick, MD 10 Feb 1912