Harrodsburg, KY Fred NOEL Crushed 26 Jun 1908

Harrodsburg Herald newspaper, Harrodsburg, Mercer County, KY
Friday 3 July 1908


Fred Noel Crushed to Death By a Huge Roller

One of the saddest accidents that has ever happened in this county was the death of Fred Noel, the thirteen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Noel, at Wildwood Farm on last Friday at about eleven o'clock.

The little fellow had been rolling a field of corn and had finished his work and started up to the barn at the Goddard home. His brother, driving a wagon team some distance away, saw him driving through a small lot, but his attention was diverted and on looking again, he did not see Fred on the roller, and also noticed that the mules had partly turned.

This led him to believe something was wrong and on hurrying over to his brother found that he had fallen over in front of the heavy roller and his feet had caught on an iron bar but that the machine had passed over his head and a part of his breast, killing him instantly.

His body had completely clogged the roller and was being dragged along under the heavy weight when his brother stopped the team. His body was badly mangled.

Fred was a manly little fellow, and a great favorite of every one on the farm, always wanting to assist his father in the farm work, and insisted on driving the team to the roller, and it is thought he was jostled off when crossing a small break in the ground.

Funeral services were held at the home Saturday afternoon, and Rev. Roddy, in his remarks, touchingly said: "The lad had finished his work and passed out through the gate on his way home, when he was called to enter through the gate into his eternal home. May it be that each of us will have finished his work when called to pass through the pearly gates into the Father's house where there are many mansions. Each one has a task assigned him, and should, by His grace, have his work well done when called from labor to rest."

The interment took place in Spring Hill cemetery, a large concourse of sympathizing friends and relatives being present.


The Kentucky Evening Gazette, Lexington, KY newspaper
Sunday 28 June 1908


Harrodsburg, KY, June 27 -

FRED NOEL, aged 13 years, son of W. B. NOEL, a tenant on the Goddard farm, a short distance from town on the Lexington pike, was crushed to death under a heavy roller shortly before noon Friday.

The little fellow had been rolling some land, driving a team of mules, and had finished and was starting to drive to the barn, when the roller struck a rock, throwing the boy in front of the heavy implement.

The roller passed over his body, crushing it to a pulp. The remains were so badly mashed and torn that it was necessary to gather them up in a shovel.

The Noels are among the most prominent people in the county and the frightful death of the little boy has caused universal sorrow.

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